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arg. I was gonna load a picture of teppei from the halloween show where he looks like a monster.. but it's apart of the alliance and I don't have any place to upload it.

Haven't slept much lately, been on a super weird sleeping schedule, but despite all this, I still can't fall asleep. I really really hate how my body operates if i don't recieve the right amount of sleep (which ranges about 2 hours).

I'm such a dork I spent the night just fucking looking at weather maps and statistics. Not so much anymore, but I used to have to watch the weather all the time "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BE QUIET, THE WEATHER IS ON"

Looks like i'll be taking a winter session class. yuck. I'll be at santa monica community college since el camino doesn't have a winter session. But my road trip is still on. It'll just be a bit shorter than planned.

I don't think i'm gonna do much tomorrow. Don't really have anywhere to sleep at this time without being intrusive, and definitely do not want to be on the road.

Hope you all have a wonderful new years/eve!!
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