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so for new years I didn't end up doing anything. I wasn't planning on doing anything this year. I planned to take it easy. Then Derek showed up to work and he said I should call him if I wanted to do anything that night. I called him. Things didn't work out, I sat home. Didn't really understand the situation, but I accepted it and moved on Woke up today and watched bowl games. WATCHED USC KICK MICHIGANS ASS. Then headed over to Jeremys house cause he was having a little party for new years. Was pretty decent. Had a lot of fun. Watched American History X.. Hadn't seen it in a long time but it's a great movie. Everyone was happy to see me there so it made up for having a quiet new years eve. One guy wanted to start shit with me. I saw him at the party last week and he was cool. And I don't know, he was just really aggressive, so I just left it alone.. all his friends were like 'yeah, he's and aggro, just ignore him' so I did. he apparently doesn't like me, but oh well.. Feeling a little more self confident aboot girls. I mean I know I need to approach with confidence AND JUST TALK.. I just can't.. I mean I'm not even nervous, well atleast not tonight, but I just couldn't do it... well on one occasion I couldn't but I think I did okay overall, but under a little different circumstances. blah.. hopefully things'll improve in the future.

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