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Juuuust kidding. So I'm NOT taking a class over winter break. No really. I'm dropping this class cause it's only gonna hurt me. I talked to a counselor and I got things all worked out. I feel a lot better. No more worrying for me aboot next semester and applying for schools..

The only thing that sucks is I invested $80 into the textbook which I'll probably only get at the most $30 back. and I actually liked the people in my class. EVERYTHING aboot SMC is better than El Camino.

I just can't wait til these 8 months pass and I can get the fuck out of here. I will miss my friends from work and all my friends that live/lived in the area. I will miss all the wonderful bands that play so cal all the time. I WILL MISS NOTHING ELSE.

This means my road trip will change. It'll probably end up being 7-8 days.. and the dates will change.

I was talking tonight aboot all the relationships I've been in, and all the other "relationships" i've had. I would explain, but I'd feel like an idiot for some of them. Some of them are funny as hell though. I don't like making people feel bad so I tend to have unusual ways of letting girls down.

I am going to the thrice meet and greet for the ventura show. I'm so excited about the show.

"new song from postal service." jackass. It's THE postal service. That's what I heard on the radio this morning. It elicited a reaction of "whoa" from me.

I need to find something productive or at the least time consuming for me to do over the next 5 weeks.

Time to try and go to sleep.
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