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mselfdestructl's Journal

Twisted By Design
3 November
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I love sitting, talking, and sharing feelings/thoughts. I love open minded people. I love going to coffee shops and just sitting down and doing nothing. I love watching movies especially on rainy days. I love the rain. I love sarcasm. I love the feeling knowing that you made someone smile and you made them happier. I love hearing a moment in a song that makes you shiver and you just can't help but play it again. I love the feeling you get when you hear one of your favorite bands on the radio for the first time. I love the feeling that I've helped someone out in some way and helped make a difference in their life. I love looking at a person eyes and noticing how it accentuates their face. I love going to shows and having the crowd be amazing and leave knowing that everyone was on the same level. I love the idea of romanticism (because I've never been in a serious relationship and I don't think I really know what it's like). I love getting personal emails. I love the feeling when you fall in love with a band for the first time.